Nis Peder Bonde

Organisations today are 100% dependent on IT. The management must remain involved in the security decisions, because information security is there to support the organisational processes – and not the other way around.


Nis Peder Bonde
CEO, CTO & Partner

Nis Peder is a computer science graduate of Aarhus University. He has over 20 years of consultancy experience in IT, beginning as a consultant in networking technology and technical system design and integration. He later specialized in information security, obtaining several Danish and international certifications, including ESL, CISSP, and CISA.

Nis Peder founded SecuriPax in 2001, and has since been a pioneer of continuous development of the company’s security consultancies services and methodology. His goal is to make sure that information security creates long-term value and real improvement for the security of an organisation. He currently acts as a trusted adviser for several significant organisations in the Danish public sector.

Brian Olesen

Considering the speed of technological innovation, a mindset of seeking to understand is imperative to good information security.


Brian Olesen
Team leader & Partner

Brian holds a master in Software Engineering from Aalborg University and began his career as a software engineer. He then became interested in the broader field of information security, and has over 11 years of professional IT experience. He joined SecuriPax in 2008, and became Team leader in 2010, managing the technical team and training new consultants. Brian bridges technical and managerial security knowledge and holds several professional certifications, including CISSP.

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