We have no open positions at the moment, but if our team and culture sounds right for you, we are always open to talent.

Information security is our passion

We are a team with a clear vision: of becoming better every day. We are all self-driven and independent in our work, but place a lot of value on learning from each other. We debate, we test, we challenge.

We strive for excellency individually and as a team. As a service provider in a critical field, there is no other way we can envision working.

consultant at desk


"The culture in SecuriPax is exceptionally supportive and friendly - you can always get a helping hand and an explanation from one of the skilled coworkers."  


 "Huge learning curve, great team work and support, solutions customized in very detail, variety of tasks...development possibilities are endless."  



A knowledge-driven work culture

Knowledge is key – we are a knowledge-driven consultancy. Our Dialoquium learning programme is meant to support each consultant in their professional venture, and enrich their skillset both technically and strategically. Information security is a comprehensive discipline with interconnected IT areas.  To best support our clients, our consultants must get the best support.

Join our team

We are a team of consultants who have transformed our passion for IT security into our job, and we are keen on doing things properly. If you aspire for depth and proficiency, the only way IT security should be done, you will fit right in. We are a growing company, and you will have the chance to make your mark on both the company and your career.

Meet the team and check out the vacancies to apply. You can also send an open application if you do not find a position to match - talent has no job description boundaries.

Security is teamwork

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