Consultancy Services

The essence of good security is not technology, but good communication. Whether it is an informal talk or technical support, our consultants are here to offer independent advice to strengthen your security posture. Since 2001, we help clients make the right security choices. Every organisation is different, and so is our approach: we think like an external consultancy, and advise as if we are in-house

  • independent of vendors, offering unbiased evaluations of technology and solution recommendations
  • 100% focused on information security: our consultants master both technical and strategic competences to provide professional assistance at every step of the security process.

Strategic advisory to management board

There is no information security without the involvement of the top management. Executives often lack solid instruments for security decision-making due to excessive technical jargon and documentation disconnected from the business strategy. Our C-level consultancy services provide the management with a comprehensive view on information security by helping

  • Define the scope of information security for the organisation
  • Address regulatory compliance
  • Identify critical assets and business risks
  • Assess the business impact of security incidents
  • Implement an information security management system
  • Plan for disaster recovery and business continuity

Technical advisory

SecuriPax consultants have the technical expertise and skills to support IT teams in managing daily operations, as well as security incidents. We help with

  • Technical inspections, vulnerability and risk assessments
  • Research, test and compare security products, technologies and security solutions
  • Security infrastructure and performance monitoring
  • Implementation of security controls
  • Management of security events and troubleshooting information security incidents
  • Supplier management

Security is good communication

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