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Cyber attacks continue to grow in numbers and the damage they cause to organisations of all sizes is everyday more severe. International regulations like the GDPR require equal compliance when it comes to the protection of personal data for all organisations, regardless of their size, turnover, or industry. For smaller companies, a severe breach of the regulation could easily attract fines leading to bankruptcy.

With similar threat landscapes and compliance requirements, enterprises and SMBs differ widely when it comes to available resources to invest in data security and asset protection. SecuriPax's Managed Firewall Service was designed to help companies defend against common threats and maintain GDPR compliance through a unique solution fully managed by our security experts.

What we offer

The Managed Firewall Service package blends top Next-Generation Firewall technology with our 20 years of experience deploying and managing firewall solutions for Danish enterprises and public organisations.

The service is based on Next-Generation firewall technologies from Check Point, with advanced protection mechanisms including IPS, Anti-Virus Control, URL Filtering, Application Control, Identity Awareness, HTTPS Inspection, Anti-Bot Protection, and Data Loss Prevention.

  • Remote monitoring 24/7 of the client's firewall environment, allowing for immediate detection and rapid response to incidents.
  • MPLS connection: SecuriPax establishes a dedicated MPLS connection to the client's network for unobstructed remote access for response to firewall issues, Internet connection problems, and cyber attacks (eg: DDoS).
  • Proactive prevention of operating problems: when monitoring indicates potential issues, we intervene immediately to prevent the development of the problem and propose a management of the issue, together with the client.
  • Emergency calls 24/7: SecuriPax consultants can be reached 24/7 in case of acute firewall problems.
  • Remote backup and restore tests for the firewall: we perform regular remote backup of all firewall configurations and perform semi-annual restore tests in the SecuriPax test lab to ensure the feasibility of the firewall restore in case of a disaster.
  • Continuous patch management: we continually keep firewall systems updates both with the manufacurer's security patches and new features. This is critical for responding to new and emerging threats.
  • Change management: Issues and security breaches often arise when configuration changes are implemented ad-hoc. Instead, we agree with each customer on the appropriate framework for an effective change management process, and adapt documentation and approval procedures to the nature of changes.
  • PaxRisk Risk Assessment. The risk assessment focuses on the firewall security in relation to the business assets that a client wishes to protect through the implementation of the firewall. This includes the statutory data privacy requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • PaxPolicy. We provides, in agreement with the client, the necessary policies and guideline for firewall security. This creates the needed management engagement with information security as required by the GDPR and provides a solid foundation for effective management of security operations and incident response.

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