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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) can be the backbone of you security strategy: cyber security, compliance, and management of IT operations - all in one monitoring system.  However - this is dependent on investment in staff, configuration, and operational processes. Such investments are difficult to deliver in practice, and often prohibitively expensive.

SecuriPax provides a managed SIEM solution deployed on premise and remotely managed and operated. It is our job to ensure smooth integration with your infrastructure, and maximize the advantages and flexibility that make SIEM the ally of security managers. We provide the vendor-certified and trained SIEM engineers to ensure a successful implementation through

  • SIEM configuration and tuning
  • Updates and patch management
  • Monitoring of SIEM health, configuration, and privileged users
  • Configuration backup and recovery

The benefits of SIEM

With proper configuration and integration, a SIEM solution can become the backbone of your security strategy, providing

  • Reduced complexity of security monitoring
  • Increased visibility into the IT infrastructure
  • Early detection of attacks and security incidents, including cyber-espionage, insider threats, and Denial-of-Service attacks
  • Insider threat detection, through behavioral analytics features
  • Prevention of Advanced Persistent Threats, through early detection that  enables appropriate mitigating actions
  • Improved troubleshooting and incident response
  • Continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities, facilitating adjustment of risk mitigation strategies
  • Forensics analysis through log management and event correlation
  • Effective risk management and compliance

Certified LogPoint partner

We have a technology partnership with LogPoint, the next-generation security information and event management (SIEM) and big data analytics platform, based in Denmark, who serves customers globally, including government organizations and private enterprises.


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