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The General Data Protection Regulation requires companies of any size and industry to reconsider the way they store and process information to ensure the protection of personal data to the highest level. Non-profits or government institutions, consultancies or construction companies - all organizations must document compliance with the GDPR through internal policies and procedure.

Why PaxSafe Persondata

It should be easy and fast to take control of GDPR compliance. PaxSafe Persondata was developed with simplicity in mind to give you a documented overview of personal data processing in your organization, as required by the law, within a few hours.

PaxSafe Persondata helps you review and describe the company's activities that involve personal data by guiding you through a controlled process of answering relevant questions. Based on your responses, the program generates and stores the relevant documentation of GDPR compliance, making it easy to present, review, and update as necessary:

  • Data processing agreements
  • Consent Statements
  • Records of processing activities
  • Data protection policies
  • Data breach reports
  • Data security reports to the Data Protection Authority
  • Shared data responsibility agreements.

What you get

  • Unlimited number of users for the program, so that you can collaborate on the solution for the task
  • The program automatically generates and presents the statutory documents such as data processing agreements and security reports
  • Data breaches involving personal data must be reported to the competent authorities within 72 hours.The program contains a feature that allows you to quickly and easily register and report a data breach
  • A dashboard gives you a complete overview of business activities and the existing documentation
  • Downloadable documentation for audits


PaxSafe Persondata is available through monthly subscription that includes expert advice and help. Pricing is based on the company size. Contact us for more information about PaxSafe Persondata and an offer suitable for your business.


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