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Internet connection is essential for the business of organisations of all sizes. With essential needs comes risk: cybercriminals use the same cyber infrastructure to run their 'business' by exploiting any vulnerabilities they can find to earn profit.
This is usually a zero-sum game, where their gain comes at your company's compromise. The EU General Data Protection regulation requires organisations to demonstrate the technical and organizational security measure they are implemented to mitigate cyber threats and protect personal data against theft and misuse.

What is PaxSafe Internet?

With PaxSaf Internet we protect your company against advanced cyber threats, while maintaining documented compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation through a secure Internet connection.

We have developed PaxSafe Internet based on 20 years of experience designing and implemented cyber security solutions in Danish enterprises and public organisations. It is our conviction that small and medium businesses should have access to high level security solutions and technologies that are otherwise reserved for large enterprises.

PaxSafe Internet

Advantages of PaxSafe Internet

Internet connection providers usually deliver no or minimal security with their solutions. Many companies choose to install a local firewall to account for security of their internet connection. However, this is rarely adequate protection against the latest and emerging threats.
Unless properly maintained and patched, a firewall can quickly become a dated technology vulnerable to attacks.

PaxSafe Internet is designed to provide a robust and secure Internet connection fully managed by our experienced security technicians, with 24/7 support, so your only focused can be on running your business, safely.

  • Layered defense: with PaxSafe Internet we offer not one, but several layers of firewall protection on your internet connection. All traffic from the Internet to our customer's infrastructure is filtered and inspected in depth, and no packet is allowed on the customer's network unless it is safe.
  • Next-Generation Firewall technology: the solution is based on professional enterprise firewall technology from our partner global leaders in enterprise firewall defense. This means the newest, most advanced and up to date protection mechanisms are available to our customers.
  • PaxLog: PaxSafe Internet contains a dedicated SIEM solution (System Information and Event Management), where all the logs from firewall traffic inspection are assembled and analyzed. This is linked to an alarm system for very early identification and management of security incidents.
  • PaxPolicy: we deliver documentation in the form of an Internet security policy according to the GDPR requirements.
  • Always-On: continuous monitoring of the internet connection and 24/7 support from our certified security experts in handling incidents.

Connection speed

We can deliver PaxSafe Internet connection with up to 500 Mbps speed, depending on your address. Contacts us for an offer tailored to your needs. 

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