PaxRisk - Information Security Risk Assessment

The right security level

Organisations often chase the myth of 'best security' when it comes to protecting their assets. In reality, it is the right security level they aim for. The right security means protecting the assets by leveling resources and technology products to mitigate specific risks and deliver a positive outcome for the business.

The right IT security for your business has a precise measure: the information security risk assessment.

What is PaxRisk?

We developed PaxRisk as a hybrid solution of automated and human information security risk assessment. Drawing on years of experience, PaxRisk combines in-house risk assessment technology, the expertise of our consultants, and the specific insights into the client organization to offer in-depth risk evaluations of relevant systems and assets...

Why PaxRisk for your business

For organisations, it comes down to understanding risk as the foundation for both strategic and IT decision-making:

  • Know your critical business assets
  • Understand the vulnerabilities and threats to these assets
  • Mitigate the specific risks by implementing security controls
  • Ensure compliance.

For us, it comes down to delivering on the double promise we make our clients

  • the right level of security: adequate detection, prevention and corrective controls that meet the security needs in a cost-effective manner, by aligning IT to the business goals
  • tailor-made technology solutions that fit their security needs and IT infrastructure.


PaxRisk is a qualitative information security risk assessment compliant with ISO 27005 and ISO 27001 standards.


What you get

With PaxRisk, you get instruments for effective risk management and security decision-making:


  • An extensive technical report about the level of security in your organization, explaining threats and vulnerabilities, risk factors, detailing incident scenarios and the likelihood of their occurrence. This serves for IT security decisions in your organization.
  • An executive report in a non-technical language, summarizing the risk assessment findings and their implications to the business
  • A detailed evaluation of the impact and consequences of different incident scenarios for your business.
  • A severity rating and graphical representation of the identified risks
  • An overview of risk treatment options for each of the identified risks
  • Clear, comprehensive recommendations for risk mitigation, and detailing appropriate ways to manage risks and improve security.


How we work

Conducting a PaxRisk risk assessment is a 5-step process containing interviews, in-depth technical investigations and development of security incident scenarios. The goal is to identify and assess the risk of disruptive security incidents on your business by evaluating their likelihood and impact. 


Strategic approach

We start with the business: the risk investigation is driven by the strategic needs of your organisation. We work with our client to determine the critical business processes, and set the scope and framework of the risk assessment. The purpose of the risk assessment is not only compliance, but obtaining a solid base for effective management decisions and IT security practices.

In-depth technical investigation

PaxRisk is a risk assessment tool developed in-house that provides a risk assessment by analyzing relevant information about your systems and assets to determine incident scenarios and risk levels. SecuriPax consultants correlate this analysis with their own investigation based on interviews with relevant personnel, and technical inspections. They evaluate the risk factors, the likelihood of incident scenarios, the business impact of specific security breaches, and propose appropriate mitigation solutions.

Rigorous risk assessment

The outcome is a detailed and ISO-compliant PaxRisk report destined for security professionals and an executive summary in a non technical language. The PaxRisk report details the vulnerabilities, threats and risks, offering a solid base for IT security decision making. With PaxRisk, you lay the foundation of your enterprise security and risk management, and we are ready to support you in mitigating critical risks and bringing your security to the right level.

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